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Alchemy Brazier

Alchemy enables characters to create Elemental Stones which can be socketed into Weapons, Armor and Accessories.

Creating Elemental Stones[]

Characters need to use an Alchemy Brazier to create Elemental Stones. Alchemy Braziers can be found in the capital cities and major towns and villages. They are displayed on the map with a small vial symbol.

Components needed to create Elemental Stones:

  • Alchemy Scrolls:
    • Can be purchased from an Alchemy Merchant who can usually be found directly next to the Alchemy Brazier
    • Available for Weapons, Armor and Accessories
    • Come in different qualities: Minor (grey), Inferior (white), Standard (green), Great (blue) and Greater (purple)
  • Spitad's Stones:
    • Can be found as loot from monsters or can be obtained from disassembling equipment
    • Come in different types: Artificial Spitad's Stone and Spitad's Stone; whereas the refinement value of the Spitad's Stones is a bit higher than the one of the Artificial Spitad's Stones
    • Come in different qualities, from low to high: White, Yellow, Green, Blue, Red, Colorful. The higher the quality, the higher the refinement value.

Alchemy process

To be able to create an Elemental Stone an Alchemy Scroll has to be added to the Alchemy Brazier first. The chosen quality of the Alchemy Scroll influences the quality of the Elemental Stone which is being created. Higher quality Alchemy Scrolls are more expensive than lower quality ones.

Each Alchemy Scroll lists a refinement value which is necessary to be 100% successful when creating an Elemental Stone. For example a refinement value of 2000 might be needed. This refinement value can be achieved by adding Spitad's Stones to the Alchemy Brazier. Each Spitad's Stone has a certain refinement value. The refinement value of all Spitad's Stones added to the Alchemy Brazier will be added up to give you the current refinement value for this crafting process.

A maximum of 50 Spitad's Stones can be added to the Alchemy Brazier in stacks of 10. It is not necessary to use only one type of Spitad's Stones in the crafting process. Several types as well as different amounts can be added to reach the refinement value one would like to have. It is also possible to create Elemental Stones when using a lower refinement value than needed for the 100% success rate. The chance of failure increases though, when a much lower refinement value is used.

Instead of using only Spitad's Stones for the crafting process, it is also possible to use not needed Elemental Stones. They have a specific refinement value as well and can also be stacked in case one has several of the same type.

Elemental Stones[]

The type of Alchemy Scroll used, defines the possible outcome of the Elemental Stone. Elemental Stones are available in the following qualities:

  • Minor
  • Inferior
  • Standard
  • Great
  • Greater
  • Superior

The type of the created Elemental Stone is random but the following outcomes are possible, depending on the Alchemy Scroll used in the process:


  • Elemental Stone: Physical Attack
  • Elemental Stone: Magic Attack
  • Elemental Stone: Critical Rate
  • Elemental Stone: Accuracy
  • Elemental Stone: Healing Power
  • Elemental Stone: Damage Reduction


  • Elemental Stone: Physical Defense
  • Elemental Stone: Magical Defense
  • Elemental Stone: Maximum HP
  • Elemental Stone: Maximum MP
  • Elemental Stone: Dodge


  • Elemental Stone: Movement Speed
  • Elemental Stone: Health Regeneration
  • Elemental Stone: Mana Regeneration
  • Elemental Stone: Strength
  • Elemental Stone: Stamina
  • Elemental Stone: Intelligence
  • Elemental Stone: Spirit
  • Elemental Stone: Agility