Archlord 2 Wiki

The Archlord Finals are the ultimate battleground where the fate of Chantra is decided. The ultimate battle royal!

Here, the top 60 contenders (based on battleground rankings) will face off against each other, as only one of them can become the Archlord. Only the last man standing will get the coveted title!

While the Archlord Finals fundamentally function as other battlegrounds do, there are some key differences:

  • There is only one battleground event instead of the usual 4. It is set to happen Sundays at 19:00 UTC for the EU server and Mondays 02:00 UTC for the US server.
  • There is no faction-vs-faction battle, but an all-out battle royal, everyone against everyone!
  • Only the top 60 players from the Battleground Rankings will be eligible to participate. The Archlord who won the previous week’s Archlord Finals will be able to re-qualify and defend the title!

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