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Biotesting Lab
Biotesting Lab
Biotesting Lab artwork
Location Fury Mountains
Level 41
Difficulty Normal, Nightmare, Hell

Nestled into the rock of a ridge in the Western part of the Fury Mountains, Craud’s Biotesting Lab is a place of horror. Once an acclaimed Azuni alchemist, Craud was infected by a raging madness and is now consumed by his quest to delve into the dark secrets of transmuting life forms.

In the depths of his nefarious laboratory, he is refining Nusquam, the energy that permeates the entire universe, infecting it with the dark power of the void, seeking to destroy the balance inherent in the universe.

Recently, Craud's followers have turned to kidnapping the denizens of the Fury Mountains, and many honest folk have gone missing. People speak with hushed voices of the cruel experiments performed on these poor souls, and cry out for heroes of the Azuni to take up their weapons and seek revenge on the mad alchemist and his horde of degenerate minions.


In the west of the Fury Mountains.



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