Archlord 2 Wiki

There are no locked classes in Archlord 2, combat roles (e.g. Tank, Healer, DPS) are determined by the choice of weapons a character wields. During character creation the main type of weapon has to be selected. This type of weapon will gain more skill points and has access to exclusive skills later on.

Weapons and Combat Roles[]

The following table gives an overview about the weapon type and the associated combat role. Race-specific weapons can only be used by a specific race, while faction-specific weapons can only be used by a specific faction.



Combat Role


Greatsword-icon Two-handed Sword (race-specific)

Melee phys. DPS

One-handed Sword-icon One-handed sword (faction-specific)

Melee phys. DPS

Crossbow-icon Crossbow (race-specific)

Ranged phys. DPS

Staff-icon Staff (faction-specific)

Healing, Ranged magic DPS


Greataxe-icon Ax (race-specific)

Melee phys. DPS

Lance.icon Lance (faction-specific)

Melee phys. DPS

Bow-icon Bow (race-specific)

Ranged phys. DPS

Wand-icon Wand (faction-specific)

Healing, Ranged magic DPS

Weapon Development[]

When a character lands a killing blow on monsters while having a certain weapon equipped, this type of weapon gains experience.

Here is an example to illustrate this: When a character has equipped a one-handed sword, all one-handed sword weapons gain experience

When enough experience is accumulated, the weapon’s (weapon category’s) level will increase. With the increase, this type of weapon will gain a weapon skill point and the base stats for this group of weapons will be increased as well. If the character was wielding the main type of weapon (i.e. the one he chose at character creation) when landing the killing blow, an additional skill point will be gained for this weapon category.

Character Development & Stats[]

Characters gain experience from hunting monsters and completing quests. As soon as enough experience for a specific character level is accumulated, the character level will increase and the character will obtain Stat points.

Attribute Ability Ability Ability
Strength Minimum physical damage (+) Maximum physical damage (+)
Stamina Maximum HP (+) HP Recovery (+)
Intelligence Miminum magical damage (+) Maximum magical damage (+) Healing Power (+)
Spirit Maximum Mana (+) MP Regeneration (+)
Agility Dodge (+) Accuracy (+) Critical Hit Chance (+)