Expertise window

Crafting enables characters to create Weapons, Armor, Food, Accessories and Potions. The Crafting window can be reached through the System Menu by selecting "Character" and then switching to the "Expertise" tab, or by using the hotkey to open the Character Information interface (default key: "C").

The Expertise window shows all available crafting and gathering professions. Every character can learn all of these and also level up all of them to the maximum level. Crafting and gathering do not need any special training to learn and no crafting or gathering tools are necessary for the trade. Characters can engage in crafting and gathering directly from level 1 when they start to play.

Crafting Manuals and ComponentsEdit

Crafting a specific item requires the manual for that item and a certain crafting level. Manuals and certain crafting components (e.g. empty bottles for potions) can be purchased from the Manual Merchants in the capital cities of each faction for gold. The rarer a manual and the higher the necessary crafting level needed to craft the item, the higher the price of the manual.

The merchants have the following items on offer, apart from the crafting manuals:

  • Weapon Manual Merchant: Dissolver
  • Armor Manual Merchant: Adhesive, Elasticizer
  • Cooking Manual Merchant: Fresh Meat, Drinking Water, Spice, Frying Oil, Soup Powder, Fresh Vegetable, Wheat Flour
  • Jewelry Manual Merchant: Defoamer
  • Potion Manual Merchant: Glass Vial, Quartz Vial, Crystal Vial, Pure Silver Vial, Platinum Vial

Hint: Armor Manual Merchants offer manuals for either magic, light or heavy armor. Make sure to select manuals appropriate to your specific needs. Some manuals with the same name might be available at all three merchants but will have stats suitable for the armor type.

Crafting ProcessEdit

Once a character clicks on the manual in his inventory, the recipe is added to the Crafting Interface. It can be accessed by clicking on the relevant crafting profession in the "Expertise" tab. Clicking on "Armor Crafting" for example shows all learned armor recipes and clicking on "Potion Brewing" shows all potions that can be crafted by this character.

When selecting a specific manual in the crafting interface, it shows the needed materials as well as the cost for crafting this item.


Selecting an item in the crafting interface

Crafting rare items requires rare materials as well. Those materials can usually be found as drops from Boss monsters in dungeons. Some uncommon (green) materials might be needed as well. These can be obtained from gathering or defeating monsters, depending on the item you need. The item tooltip usually provides information on how this specific item can be acquired.

It is possible to craft more than one item at once by selecting a specific quantity in the interface and then clicking on the button "Craft". Should you want to use all available materials to craft specific items, you can choose the "Craft All" button and the character will start crafting as many items as can be made with the available materials. If you click this by accident, the crafting process can still be interrupted by choosing "Cancel". This will cancel the entire process and you will not lose any crafting materials.

It is possible to craft epic items at higher levels as well. These of course require some more difficult to acquire crafting materials too, like epic materials obtained from fighting Boss monsters in dungeons.

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