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Entrance Portal

Dungeons in Archlord 2 are instanced content. Individuals, parties and raids can enter dungeons. Stronger monsters and bosses appear in dungeons and they provide better rewards and items exclusive to those dungeons. The first dungeon is available at around level 10.

To be able to enter a dungeon, characters can either use the portal located in certain areas or the Dungeon Matching System.

Dungeon Matching System[]


Dungeon Matching System

The Dungeon Matching System allows players to choose the difficulty level at which they want to enter the dungeon, the role of their character and the dungeon they wish to enter.

Dungeon Mechanics[]

Dungeons in Archlord 2 have objectives which have to be completed within a certain time limit, which in turn depends on the difficulty level of the dungeon.

During the dungeon run players accumulate points that contribute to a Final Score. Depending on the final score, players receive different rewards when completing the dungeon run.