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The continent of Chantra is inhabited by four races which are split up into two factions. Only two of the races, Humans and Orcs, were available at the start of the Beta.

During character creation, players must choose one of the two warring factions; the Azuni or the Crunn.



The Azuni Coalition is the faction uniting the Humans and Dragonscion. The lands of the coalition are found in the south-west of Chantra and its capital, Steelbreath, is situated at the site of a former fortress.


Human female


Humans are pioneers of a spirited and dexterous nature that serves them well in the harsh lands of Chantra. While physically weaker than their enemies, the Orcs, their speed and keen minds make up for this shortcoming and their creativity and inventiveness often give them an edge in combat.[1]

While their proficiency in the creation of machinery and tools for agriculture has allowed them to settle the wild, it is their mastery of the construction of weapons that has kept them alive.

The Humans never surrender, their spirit is as strong as their steel and so the conflict continues.

Dragonscion male

Dragonscion male


Dragonscion are curious about virtually everything and enjoy learning new things. Despite their innate adversion for war and battles, they don't hesitate to embrace their weapons and fight to defend their comrades and fellow clan members to the last drop of blood. In situations like these, Dragonscion can turn from peaceful into cruel and relentless creatures, showing a great deal of bravery.

Their curiosity has allowed them to develop their skills as inventors and to overcome their physical weaknesses. In fact, in order to make up for their insufficient stamina, after endless research, they developed their unique weapon: a long-range magical Pistol. Don't underestimate these cute creatures for even a second: their aim is excellent and they will shoot you before you even notice they have drawn their Pistol from the holster!



The Crunn is the faction uniting the Orcs and Moonelves. The lands of the union are found in the north-east of Chantra and the capital city is Bandiluna.



Orc male

The chaotic power that strengthened the Orcs also created physical changes in their being. Their skins range from dark green to jet black and their souls crave nothing more than glory in battle and the fame that comes with a warrior’s death.[1]

The sheer physical power of the Orcs should never be underestimated. And their physical power is only increased when the blood rage falls upon them in combat.

Before the change, the Orcs (the Earth Clan) were hunters and gatherers, tempered by their environment. Their faith is that of battle and their traditions all, in one way or another, relate to their skills on the battlefield. Victory to an Orc is more valuable than life.

If an Orc likes you, it’s because of how well you swing your weapon and cleave your enemies.

Moonelf female

Moonelf female


Moonelves are full of pride and always pursue perfection. They will challenge their opponents with their natural agility and excellent concentration abilities (the Azuni are warned!). Moonelves will perfectly balance Orc brutality with their cold-blooded judgment, in oder to turn the tables in battle, just when their opponents are least expecting it. Moonelves' continuous pursuit of perfection and improvement has led them to find ways to boost their natural abilities, such as the development of the Orb, their favorite and deadly weapon.

After hundreds of years spent researching an item that would help them make the most of their magic powers, Moonelves finally managed to forge Orbs out of a metal of unknown origin, melted in the forges of Tareh. A mysterious crystal amplifies the energy of the mana, allowing the orbs to float mid-air next to the Moonelf.