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Frozen Paradise is a level 21 – 30 area in the Crunn territory, located to the south-east of Bandiluna.


Frozen Paradise is a sterile region due to its year long winter and cold wind but it had enough natural resources to attract the attention of the Crunn. Also, many researchers have gathered here after much evidence was found about Frozen Paradise once being a warm region.

Frozen Paradise’s Ice Tail Wolf Clan and the Crunn maintained friendly relations for a long time. But after the wolf clan leader died a mysterious death, the newly elected leader Shakar cut all ties with the Crunn.

Crunn citizens of this area suffered from hunger and cold and waited dearly for aid from Bandiluna. But due to Elder Ruinhaven intercepting the messages, their suffering was never delivered. To make matters worse, monsters such as goblins and grinders attacked the town.

Meanwhile, Wolfon, the son of the previous Clan Leader, escaped from Shakar, relaying the truth about his father’s death and asking for help.

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