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Fury Mountains is a level 41 – 46 area in the Azuni territory, located to the east of Steelbreath.


The Fury Mountains are a ragged rocky wasteland, where some of Chantra’s fiercest creatures make their dwelling.

They have never been a densely populated area, nor do they have much strategic value in terms of resources, but the Azuni have kept a watchful eye on this territory.

Recently the creatures inhabiting the area seem to have gotten restless and, if the reports are to be believed, they’ve gotten a lot bolder as well.

Since the Azuni outposts in the Fury Mountains have never had strong garrisons, is it conceivable that some unknown force wants to use the mountains as an avenue to launch an attack on Steelbreath itself?

It will be up to the heroes of the Azuni to maintain and strengthen the Azuni presence in these lands, and to drive back the creatures that are causing trouble at the outposts.

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