Archlord 2 Wiki

Gathering is the process of collecting items which can be used as ingredients for Crafting.

The items that can be gathered are plants, ore and ether. Tools are not needed to gather these items.

The higher the gathering proficiency, the greater the variety of objects one can gather (gathering levels are shown below).

Gathering locations for plants, ores and ether can be toggled on and off in the Minimap.

Item Form of gatherable object
Ore Ore
Plants Plant
Ether Ether
Ore Gathering Level Plants Gathering Level Ether Gathering Level
Copper Ore 1 Ent's Tears 1 Leftover Ether 1
Zinc Ore 5 Wisteria Tree 8 Faint Water Ether 3
Tin Ore 10 Dew Plant 15 Faint Earth Ether 6
Iron Ore 15 Ghost Thorn Tree 22 Faint Wind Ether 9
Chrome Steel Ore 20 Moon Plant 29 Faint Fire Ether 12
Black Iron Ore 25 Dudan tree 36 Pure Water Ether 15
Millerite Ore 30 Pigweed 43 Pure Earth Ether 20
Molybdenum Ore 35 Pure Wind Ether 25
Gold Ore 40 Pure Fire Ether 30
Platinum Ore 45 Thick Water Ether 35
Thick Earth Ether 40
Thick Wind Ether 45
Thick Fire Ether 50