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Guild Battle Castle

Guild Battle Castle

Guild Battles provide an opportunity for guilds in Archlord 2 to acquire their own territories in Chantra to gain special benefits. Guilds of the same faction will be fighting over control of a castle to achieve this goal.


Much like the battlegrounds, guild battles will happen at fixed times to ensure that a maximum amount of players will be able to attend them.

  • [EUROPA] Deimotik: Sunday, 17:30 UTC
  • [AMERICA] Willowfire: Monday, 00:30 UTC


The battles are based on the areas you see on the map of Chantra, with 5 battles for each faction. This also means that only guilds of the same faction can compete against each other, Azuni vs. Azuni guilds and Crunn vs. Crunn guilds.

Guild battle portal

Guild Battle portal and portal keeper NPC

In each of the 10 areas where a guild battle occurs, players can find a new kind of portal, accompanied by a portal keeper NPC. With these, attacking and defending guilds will be able to enter the battle and will then automatically be placed at the appropriate spawn locations within the guild battle map.

The attackers need to talk to the portal master to enter the battle. The defending guild uses the portal directly. This same portal will allow the conqueror of the area to return to the castle to enjoy some of the rewards. Here are the locations of all the portals:

Azuni Crunn
Grassy Fields - Waterfall Town Green Wave Forest - Swamp Camp
Red Rock Wasteland - Creta Town Frozen Paradise - Razor Wind Town
Forgotten Land - Lansel Town Ruined Moonlight Plains - Farm Town
Fury Mountains - Mountain Merchant Camp Land of Warriors - Sulfur Town
Land of Corruption - Temple of Faithful Light Sunny Garden - Centaur Town


Two teams are involved in the Guild Battles:

  • An attacking team trying to gain control of a castle serving as a strategic stronghold, and
  • A defending team that previously claimed the castle and is now trying to prevent the attackers from gaining entry.

The defending team is always made up of members of only one guild (the guild that has claimed the area), while the attacking team can be comprised of members of multiple guilds seeking to claim the castle. Members of other guilds will be hostile to each other, even if they are both "on the same side".

This also means that the attackers may outnumber the defenders significantly. However, to make up for this, defenders have two distinct advantages:

  • They receive increasingly powerful buffs the longer they manage to defend their castle, and
  • They can man the walls around the entrance of the castle.

Inside guild battles, a collision algorithm is active, meaning it is not possible to simply pass through other players or NPCs.


Battles last for half an hour, during which ownership of the castle can change hands multiple times. The guild that holds the castle (i.e. the defending guild) when the timer runs out wins the battle and gets to "claim" the area in which the battle took place.

Conquering a Castle[]

Conquering the castle in a guild battle (as attacker) is done via capturing a relic located within the castle. This takes 30 seconds. Only the guild leader may do so, and it will be up to the rest of the guild’s members to protect him. While capturing, the guild leader becomes immune to crowd control effects.

A guild that is already in possession of a castle can attack other castles but will need a certain amount of guild fame points to be able to conquer up to 3 castles.

Benefits and Rewards[]

After a battle, the victorious guild retains access to the castle they claimed / defended, where they can avail themselves of several NPCs offering their services at a discount. Of course they also receive a host of other rewards.

  1. The Guild Master of each victorious guild will receive a mail with the following contents that he can then distribute among the guild members:
    • 30 million Gold
    • 100 Iron Badge Exchange Certificates (1 certificate = 10 Iron Badges = 500 Fame Points)
  2. Each castle will provide access to certain NPCs for the victorious guild. The following NPCs will be offering their services at a 10% discount:
    • Craftsman: Item reinforcement and Elemental Stone socketing, unsocketing and destruction.
    • Blacksmith: Repair and Item disassembly
      Guild Logo

      Guild logo displayed on flag

    • Alchemy Brazier: Elemental Stone creation
  3. There are 2 daily bosses in each castle that the guild can decide to attack.
  4. The logo of the guild who conquered an area will be displayed on the decorations (flags, tapestries etc.) in the villages located in the given area.
  5. Access to a special skill (active or passive) for the conquered area, which can be accessed via the new Guild Battle Reward interface:
Azuni Crunn Type Skill
Grassy Fields Green Wave Forest Active Physical & Magical Damage

increased by 20% for 20s

Red Rock Wasteland Frozen Paradise Active Physical & Magical Defense

increased by 20% for 20s

Forgotten Land Ruined Moonlight Plains Active Restores 20% of HP & MP
Fury Mountains Land of Warriors Passive Increases Accuracy by 50
Land of Corruption Sunny Garden Passive Increases Dodge by 50

Guild Battle Rankings[]

A new section on the Archlord 2 website shows the weekly status of the guild battles on each server.

The Guild Battle rankings will be updated each week and can be found right next to the PvP rankings for the battlegrounds and skirmishes under the "Community" menu on the website.