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Guild fame points are a measure to show how active a guild is. There are several ways for a guild to gain fame points and the more a guild has, the more territories they can conquer in the Guild Battles, up to a maximum of 3.

Gaining Guild Fame Points[]

Each member of a guild can contribute towards earning guild fame points. They are earned by killing monsters and players from the opposing faction. The total fame points score of a guild is calculated by adding up all the individual contributions of all its members.

Here is a list of actions and the fame points one can get:

  • Killing a normal monster = 20 fame points
  • Killing an elite monster = 50 fame points
  • Killing a player from the opposing faction = 100 fame points
  • Killing a unique named monster = 200 fame points
  • Killing a boss monster = 500 fame points

If a target is attacked together with other players, the points are split up among the group or raid equally. So, for example, if a full 20 player raid kills a boss monster, every player receives 25 fame points.

Guild Fame and Territories[]

An active guild with a lot of fame points can conquer more than one territory during Guild Battles. However, a maximum of 3 castles can be conquered by a single guild.

Here are the necessary thresholds a guild needs to reach:

Guild fame points Number of territories
Below 300.000 The guild can conquer only 1 castle
Above 300.000 The guild can conquer up to 2 castles
Above 1.000.000 The guild can conquer up to 3 castles