Archlord 2 Wiki
Type Description
Winning conditions The faction that acquires the target number of points first wins.
-> Gain 1 point per 1 enemy NPC killed.
Participation restrictions There are no restrictions (all players can participate)
Starting alert Starting 5 minutes prior to the battle, the "Heroic Match" alert message is sent in the server-wide chat every minute. It’s displayed every second when there are 30 seconds remaining until the battle begins.
How to participate There are two ways to participate:
  1. Players can click the "Automatically Enter" check box located in the Combat Status UI. (default value “Automatically Enter”)
  2. Players can also use the button activated beside the mini map.
Participation check When it’s time to enter, a window asking for participation pops up for players that have "Automatically Enter" checked
Available time for entry When the Heroic Match starts, players have to enter within 5 minutes. Entry is disabled after 5 minutes have passed.
Battle area Players are moved to the designated map
Start location Different start locations for each faction
Start time The Heroic Match starts when the time available for entry ends.

There is a 5 minute waiting period and players cannot attack enemy players during this time.

Faction Kills status Displays accumulated kills for each faction.
Personal Kill Points status 1. You gain 1 point per enemy player killed

2. Kill points are given to the player who last hit the killed player.

Death penalty Not applicable for battleground.
-> No experience penalty or durability penalty is applied.
Respawn location Players respawn at the starting location.
Victory/Defeat results The Result UI is displayed for 10 seconds. You can’t attack enemy players while results are being displayed.
Leaving battleground during battle Players are returned to the locations they were at before entering the battleground.
End of battleground Players are returned to the locations they were at before entering the battleground.

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