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The Island of Rest is a level 1 – 10 area in the Azuni territory, located to the north of Steelbreath.

It is the starting area for the Dragonscion.


The small strip of the Island of Rest used to be fertile, until it was suddenly invaded by a strong magic, corrupting the wildlife. Some rejected Dragonscion tried to channel this strong energy and even started to worship it. For this reason, they built a temple, the Twisted Space in the hope to gain tremendous power over their enemies, including the former clan members who turned them into outcasts. This source of power proved to be so strong, it turned the cultists into hideous creatures. Perhaps that dark source of energy was exactly what encouraged the Crunn to try and attack this strategic location in the first place… Unfortunately, the details of this story are lost in the mists of time.

These days, Dragonscion have settled in the 2 main towns of the region. The Town of Rest is a settlement that has bloomed around the small stronghold, from where the Dragonscion High Courtier Herdiv Dalion protects his citizens. The calm enjoyed by Silent Town is only disturbed by the sound of waves breaking up on its shores. Its harbor might seem a bit isolated, but the economy of the town thrives thanks to the busy trade routes between the Island of Rest and Grassy Fields. Some refugees’ camps are scattered all over the region, but far from the security offered by the main cities, their inhabitants live in the never-ending fear of being assaulted.

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