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Land of Corruption is a level 46 – 51 area in the Azuni territory, located to the south-east of Steelbreath, bordered by the Forgotten Land and the Fury Mountains.


The Land of Corruption had once been a rich and fertile area, just after the Azuni Coalition was formed. But two of the strongest nobles, Loanne D. Lionheart and Graham D. Glarius, each had their eyes on this land and wanted to call it their own. Thus they began fighting for the land in an endless, yet stagnant battle.

The prolonged battle between the forces of the nobles Lionheart and Glarius resulted in many deaths and a massive amount of corpses strewn about on the battlefields. All the death and decay attracted Galia who was looking for more dark energy to fulfill his plans.

To succeed, he created an army of Undead using the corpses and his powers. Galia also managed to corrupt the leaders of the fighting armies and thus extend the war.

A huge battle commenced between the dead and the living. The outcome, however, was obvious. The undead army crushed the forces of the nobles in a one-sided battle, and the only thing awaiting the nobles and their followers was pain and despair. While they suffer, Galia will kill them one by one and gather the dark energy created by their fear and despair.

It will be up to the heroes of the Azuni to rid the Land of Corruption from the Undead and end the suffering of its people.

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