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Land of Warriors is a level 41 – 46 area in the Crunn territory, located to the west of Bandiluna.


The Land of Warriors is a mostly lush and fertile area that is inhabited by the Blossom, a species of humanoids that has been under Crunn rule for centuries.

And while the relationships between the Crunn and the Blossom tribes have never been the friendliest, there has been increased tension in recent times.

A renegade faction of the Blossom seems to have risen up in revolt against Crunn rule. Though it would be easy for the Crunn to bring the full force of their fearsome military to bear and wipe out the revolting Blossom, the Crunn leaders have decided to investigate the cause of the Blossom uprising and hope to learn what lead these otherwise peaceful creatures to rebel against Crunn occupation.

So it falls to the heroes of the Crunn to uncover who or what is behind the tribes’ revolt and what they hope to accomplish in rising against their rightful rulers.

Their search is bound to lead them into the farthest reaches of the Land of Warriors, maybe even to the peak of the mighty Bloodscalp Volcano, where burning hot magma flows from the earth and mighty creatures made from the very rock itself roam.

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