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Moonlight Tareh Forest is a level 1 – 10 area in the Crunn territory, located to the north of Bandiluna.

It is the starting area for the Moonelves.


When the order of the Moonelves moved to the northern part of Chantra, they dwelt next to an existing water temple. That very building later became the foundation of Tareh Town, which eventually grew into an important settlement. Even Crunn leader Heliar can often be seen walking in the forecourt of the temple with his guards, enjoying the peace of the temple and its monumental fountain.

These lands, once abandoned by the Orcs, turned out to be very receptive to the magic of the Moonelves. When they started to explore the land, the Moonelves established small camp grounds, some of which are still inhabited today. Venturing further north, they founded Starlight Town in the Moonlight forest, taking advantage of the energy flow provided by the giant Tree of Life that still grows there.

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