Archlord 2 Wiki

In Archlord 2 PvP (Player vs. Player) plays an important element. Players can engage in combat with each other in a variety of ways:

  • Duels: Players can fight against another player of the same faction in a personal duel. A duel can be instigated anywhere in the world.
  • Skirmishes: After reaching level 30, players can team up with 4 other players to compete in 3 different skirmishes. Parties of opposing factions will compete in a 5v5 match.
  • Battlegrounds: Azuni versus Crunn can fight in massive 200v200 battles in the daily battlegrounds after reaching level 40.
  • Contested Areas: Players from both factions can come to the contested areas to complete quests and engage in open world PvP against each other. Contested areas are divided by levels, and characters cannot enter the area anymore when the level cap is met.
  • Guild Battles: Players from guilds of the same faction can fight over the control of an area by conquering the stronghold of this area.