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Characters can complete quests given by NPCs to gain experience and item rewards.

Quest Types[]

There are 4 kinds of quests available in Archlord 2:

  • Scenario Quests (green quest icon): These quests follow the main story
  • General Quests (yellow quest icon): These quests allow you to experience many short stories
  • Repeatable Quests (blue quest icon): These quests can be repeated
  • Daily Quests (purple quest icon): These quests can be done once per day

NPCs that have quests available, have an exclamation mark "!" above their head. You can interact with them by clicking on them or using the "F" key.

Once you have completed all the objectives of a quest, you can turn in the quest at the NPC. A question mark "?" above the NPCs head shows that you can complete the quest there.


Quest tracker

Quest Tracker[]

The Quest tracker at the right side of the screen displays the title and status of a quest as well as the objectives. It updates instantly when you start completing the objectives.

Quest Journal[]


Target location on map

The Quest Journal lists all active and completed quests of a character. When clicking on a single quest, you will see the objective, reward and description of it. The target location of the quest will be shown on the world map when clicking the "On Map" button.

Quests can be shared with party members in case someone does not have the quest yet. Players can only accept the shared quest though, if they qualify for it or have not completed it before.

Quest Navigation[]

Characters can automatically move to the target area of a quest by clicking on the quest objective in the quest tracker.


Automatic movement

The automatic movement will be cancelled in the following situations:

  • When using the movement keys (W, A, S, D) or the autorun key (R)
  • When clicking an area with the mouse to move there
  • When attacking any target

Quest Lists[]

The following pages list quests by their location:

Location Level
All Quests Crunn
Moonlight Tareh Forest Quests 2 to 11
Green Wave Forest Quests 2 to 20
Frozen Paradise Quests 21 to 30
Moonlight Plains Quests 31 to 40
Land of Warriors Quests 41 to 45
Sunny Garden Quests 46 to 50
Stardust Land Quests 51 to 55
All Quests Azuni
Island of Rest Quests 2 to 9
Grassy Fields Quests 5 to 19