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Ruined Moonlight Plains is a level 31 – 40 area in the Crunn territory, located to the south-west of Bandiluna.


In the days of war between good and evil, there were heroes who fought together with the Archlord against the forces of the Void. As a reward for their contributions, the gods bestowed a never dwindling source of water and unfading trees in their homeland of the Moonlight Plains.

The Moonlight Plains, once a barren wasteland, were turned into a land flourishing with life.

Over time the Moonlight Plains became one of the most developed agricultural zones in Chantra. To control the Moonlight Plains effectively, the Crunn sent Bertex to Moonlight Plains.

Bertex was wise and merciful, and the citizens of Moonlight Plains believed in him. But after his wife’s death, he changed abruptly.

Moonlight Plains lost its beauty along with Bertex’s reputation. The land and river reeked of corruption. Revived corpse monsters started attacking and kidnapping all living creatures in sight.

Finally, the Crunn dispatched troops to figure out the truth behind these changes in the Ruined Moonlight Plains.

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