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The world of Archlord 2 can be considered as a parallel universe to that of Archlord, showing an alternate history of the world of Chantra.

The world of Chantra was created by a race of powerful god-like beings with the help of an ancient crystal artifact bundling the energy that permeates the universe. They created the world of Chantra and gave form to the stars, the lands, seas and mountains. After their labor, the gods needed to rest and went to their eternal palace to slumber. However, they created a powerful being – the Archlord – to safeguard and guide the destiny of their new creation.

The light shone bright upon this new world, but as with all things, were light shines brightest, the shadows are darkest. And while the gods were indeed powerful, they were not almighty. They did not expect that there would be those that would oppose their act of creation and strive to plunge it into darkness.

The chaotic influence of destruction began to challenge the order of the world the gods had established, corrupting the one destined to be the guardian of Chantra, the immortal Archlord. With his mind clouded and corrupted, the Archlord rose in blood and battle, trying to depose the gods and take their place. Calling himself the “Lord of Chaos” and combining the power that was given to him by the gods with the powers of destruction and chaos, he conquered the lands before him.

Finally, the Lord of Chaos attacked the heavenly palace where the gods slumbered with his armies of demons and other nightmarish creatures from the Abyss. Dismayed at what had become of their creation, the gods left their eternal home.

In order to combat the dark powers that had taken hold of their creation, the gods created an entirely new species and gave the one among them that served them most faithfully power to rival that of the first Archlord. This new Archlord was again made supreme ruler, but was no longer given the blessing – or indeed, curse - of eternal life.

The new Archlord battling the Lord of Chaos
The new Archlord battling the Lord of Chaos

With their new offspring and the new Archlord to lead them, the dark powers were pushed back, the heavenly palace re-conqueered, and the Lord of Chaos finally banished to the Abyss at the very edge of the world. After this monumental effort, the gods once again went to slumber in their palace.

But even though the war was won, the fighting was not over. The gods rested, while the Lord of Chaos plotted and schemed in the depths of the Abyss. The power of the Archlord was sealed and locked away, for future generations to use in the event the Lord of Chaos would rise again. The new species the gods had created began to settle the world of Chantra and they established their own unique civilization. After a while, different tribes emerged, each with their own society, customs and finally their own language. Eventually, these tribes evolved into the different races that inhabit Chantra today.

And of course, it did not take long for the seeds of conflict to take root…

Two factions emerged and began to go to war with each other, fighting over the power of the Archlord - the power to destroy one’s enemies and rule the world.

History of Humans & Orcs[]

Both Humans and Orcs are descendants of the children of the gods, the species that was created to combat the Lord of Chaos and his dark armies. After the war, however, distinct groups formed and began to live in different, tribal societies. Finally, a conflict erupted between the two most prominent tribes, the clans of Earth and Fire, when the son of a leader of the Earth clan proposed to marry a daughter of the Fire clan.

After a long-lasting war, the Earth Clan was defeated and driven near extinction. However, the seers of the Earth Clan heard the whispers of the Lord of Chaos, as he offered them power in exchange for bringing disorder and destructionto the lands of Chantra. They used this power to strengthen their bodies and they became the creatures now known as Orcs. Transformed by this chaotic power, the Orcs now wage war against all Humans (the former Fire Clan).