Archlord 2 Wiki

Skirmishes are small-scale battlegrounds in Archlord 2. They are instanced areas for parties of 5 versus 5 players of opposing factions. Skirmishes become available once a character reaches level 30.

Players can queue for skirmishes individually or as a party. However, only the party leader will be able to queue a party.

An automatic search for players will begin when you queue and when the group is complete, an entrance UI will be displayed.

Pressing the Enter button will automatically move the character to the battleground. Pressing the cancel button, will stop the character from entering the battleground and he will be removed from the queue.

Players can enter a battleground already in progress if a spot opens up.

Available Skirmishes[]

  • Red Tear Land – The first team to destroy the opposing team’s Sentria wins.
  • Valley of Cries – The faction that reaches the target number of points faster by occupying more Sacred Relics wins.
  • Aquila Arena – The first team to reach the target number of Kill Points wins.