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Sunny Garden is a level 46 – 51 area in the Crunn territory, located to the south-west of Bandiluna. The Ruined Moonlight Plains and Land of Warriors separate it from the capital city.


In the very distant past, Sunny Garden was the favorite place of the Gods. They cherished it so much that they stored 4 of their precious sacred relics in one of its deepest areas – the Underground Garden of Light. A huge dragon was sent to protect this place and the relics stored within.

After many years, the dragon met its natural death and without the guardian, the sacred relics started disappearing from the Underground Garden of Light. The legacy of the Gods, once beautiful and brilliant, turned into ruin and dark clouds started drifting into this peaceful place.

Galia had felt this shift in power and infiltrated the Underground Garden of Light. He managed to acquire all 4 sacred relics and started an experiment to turn all living beings into dark energy. Even the God’s faithful dragon was corrupted in his death and Galia resurrected him as Bone Dragon to protect himself from invaders.

Meanwhile, Helliar, the leader of the Crunn, had managed to figure out that Galia was behind everything that happened in Sunny Garden. He dispatched an exploration unit, headed by Goliath, the hero of the Orcs.

The Crunn forces will be needed to help Goliath on his mission.

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