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Underground Garden of Light
Underground Garden of Light
Underground Garden of Light artwork
Location Sunny Garden,

Land of Corruption

Level 50
Difficulty Normal, Nightmare, Hell

Even though the Garden is located deep under the ground, it is constructed just like an outdoor environment with an artificial sun emitting a mysterious light. This underground area has been neglected for a long time and a lot of it has fallen into ruin.

A faithful servant of the Gods, the guardian dragon, used to protect the Underground Garden of Light from intruders. However, with the help of his dark powers, Galia had corrupted the dragon in his death. He resurrected him as Bone Dragon and managed to coerce him into submission.

Galia used the Bone Dragon and other dependent creatures to establish a powerful line of defense in the garden, so no one would be able to harm him.

Galia is plotting an evil plan in the Underground Garden of Light to turn all living beings into dark energy with the help of the 4 sacred relics.

Prepare to face the Bone Dragon is this new dungeon! This will be your only means to stop Galia’s evil plans.


In the south of Sunny Garden and the south of the Land of Corruption.



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