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Volcanic Caves
Volcanic Caves
Volcanic Caves artwork
Location Land of Warriors
Level 45
Difficulty Normal, Nightmare, Hell

At the very end of the long trail winding its way through the Land of Warriors lies the Bloodscalp Volcano and beneath it the Volcanic Caves, a place where hot magma flows and only the most steadfast heroes will survive!

It is here that the Blossom uprising that tears the Land of Warriors apart seems to have its origins. Is it conceivable that there is some darkness at work here that has exerted its evil influence over the Blossom inhabiting the Land of Warriors? Is this the reason they oppose Crunn rule?

Recently, a lot of unusual seismic activity has been reported from the Land of Warriors and it seems to emanate from the Volcano and the dark caverns that lie beneath it. The rebellious Blossom have also been observed in the area and seem to have developed a bustling activity.

The heroes of the Crunn will have to find out who or what is behind all this, and what the ultimate purpose of all these secret machinations could be. The security of Bandiluna and maybe all Crunn may depend on you!


In the northeast of the Land of Warriors.



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