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Warriors' Shrine
Warriors Shrine
Warriors' Shrine artwork
Location Land of Warriors
Level 41
Difficulty Normal, Nightmare, Hell

It is a sad sight to see places of spirituality contaminated by evil, yet that is exactly the fate that has befallen the once noble Warriors’ Shrine located in the Southern reaches of the Land of Warriors.

Amidst the Blossom rebellion that has erupted in the Land of Warriors, it is small wonder that the sacred site of the Warriors’ Shrine has been overrun as well. The Blossoms and their Bearheart companions are holed up here and hamper the efforts of the Heroes of the Crunn to deal with the Blossom uprising.

It is up to you to enter the once beautiful Shrine compound and restore it to its former glory by expulsing its current inhabitants. Do not expect negotiations to get you there though, this will take some good old-fashioned stomping!


In the south of the Land of Warriors.



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